Tips For Renting a Travel Trailer For Camping

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If you are planning on going on a long road trip or just to a nearby camping spot, you might want to rent a travel trailer. These trailers are either towed by your vehicle or fit on the back of your truck and provide extra sleeping space and amenities to use on your trip. Here are some tips for renting a camping or travel trailer.

Rent the Right Size

The first thing you need to do when renting a travel trailer is make sure you are choosing the right size. Not only does it need to be the appropriate size for the truck you will be using to haul the trailer, it also needs to sleep the number of people in your family. With travel trailers, you aren't going to spend much time in it except for traveling and sleeping, so you don't need a lot of excess space. Just factor in a little extra space for sitting inside while traveling or during inclement weather, and storing the items you are bringing on your trip. It is ideal that you bring along the truck you will be using for the trip or at least get measurements and load requirements.

Start at RV Dealerships

What you will find when you first start looking for travel trailers is that they are less plentiful than RVs and motorhomes. It may take a little more searching before you find one you like and that is within your budget. A good place to start is with RV dealerships, as they often provide both RVs and trailers to buy and hire. The good news is that trailers are considerably less money, so you will spend a little less than if you were renting an RV. There may be also be some specialty trailer dealerships near you that offer hiring of different varieties and sizes, though this depends on where you live.

Consider the Additional Costs

You should also find out exactly what the costs will be, not just the main cost of hiring the trailer. Many dealerships will include additional fees and surcharges, such as a fuel surcharge for the length of your trip or adding on insurance fees if your vehicle insurance won't cover this type of rental vehicle. Also make sure you calculate the amount of fuel you will need during the trip to add to the total cost, in addition to food and other necessities. If you want a smoke-friendly trailer or one that accepts pets, you might be paying additional fees.

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