Four Tech Features to Improve Driving for Families and Teens

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If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle for your family, you need to think about more than just the power of the engine, the luxury of the interior and the quality of the warranty. You should also think about tech features. Here's a look at some of the most compelling tech features for families, and if you are shopping for a teen driver or planning to eventually pass this vehicle onto a teen driver, you may be interested in knowing how these features can also help to improve their driving experience.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control, often abbreviated as ESC, is available on a range of vehicles including the Ford EcoSport. This feature keeps the whole family safer by keeping your vehicle connected with the road in a way that improves handling. Ideal for teen drivers as well, the advanced traction control means you don't have to worry as much about your child taking a corner too quickly and losing control.

Active Park Assist

Parking lots are a common site for fender benders or other minor accidents. However, even these relatively small accidents can cause costly damage to your vehicle or lead to injuries. Features such as Active Park Assist can help minimise part of the risks associated with parking lots and even roadside parking.

These sensors guide you on where to position the car, and then, the car's system takes over and slowly puts the car into the parking spot. This feature is great for new drivers in particular because it also helps identify parking spots that are the right size, and it prevents the car's tyres from bumping into the kerb.

Wi-Fi Connection

A wi-fi connection in your vehicle can be a boon for family travelling. With wi-fi, it doesn't matter where you are; even if you are well out of range of mobile signals, you still have access to the internet. This lets your kids stay occupied with their devices, and it makes a whole range of family entertainment possible in the car.

For teen drivers, wi-fi can also be helpful. If you have limited data on your cell phone plans, your teens can use the wi-fi in the car to reduce their data usage. Additionally, with a wi-fi enabled system, you know that your teens always have access to GPS technology even if their mobiles run out of battery, and as a result, it's almost impossible for them to get lost. Just a quick note of caution, however — make sure that your teens understand that they should not use their mobiles while driving and should be cautious about being distracted by any screens in the vehicle.

Hands-Free Tailgate

Although this feature isn't as tech-laden as the others on the list, it's simplicity is almost genius, and it's a definite must-have for the family vehicle. If you have arms full of groceries, nappy bags or other items, this feature allows you to open the tailgate of your vehicle without putting down your items. To open it, you simply press your foot on a lever, and the tailgate pops open. If you end up giving this vehicle to a teen driver, the hands-free tailgate makes it easier for them to open the back of the vehicle when they are carrying lots of school books or sport equipment. Manufacturers such as Ford offer this feature, but it's also something you can add aftermarket as well in many cases.

The aftermarket hands-free door opener is relatively new and not available in some areas. However, if you have an SUV or a sedan, you may be able to find an opener that works with your vehicle. Essentially, when you tap the opener with your foot, it verifies that the key fob is within range, and then, it opens the tailgate. This means that no one can open the vehicle without having the fob with them.

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